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EPIC OTR Solutions

Master Dealer of
Just Easy Tools
in Australasia

Save time. 

Enhance efficiency.

Improve safety.

Sole Distributor of Just Easy Tools in Australasia


EPIC OTR Solutions is the proud sole distributor of Just Easy Tools products in Australasia. With over 20 Years’ of site experience in Earthmover, Mining, Port, Industrial and Civil industrial operations this teaming relationship offers world leading technology with a sound understanding of tyre and wheel handling requirements.


With a commitment to research and development and a firm understanding of the rigours of workshop and mine site conditions Just Easy Tools have become a global leader in the development and manufacture of the most advanced solutions for tyre and wheel manipulation, handling and service.


All products are manufactured in Just Easy Tools world class European facility. Extensive quality control systems with an unrivalled commitment to infield testing ensures that every unit that leaves the factory is ready for work.


In conjunction with EPIC OTR Solutions, Just Easy Tools products are now easily accessible in Australasia with a dedicated team of experienced representatives and technicians ready to match your businesses tyre fitting and handling requirements with the most suitable attachment.

Just Easy Tools products offer optimal effectiveness, save time and resources as well as improve safety.

Easy Gripper

With an Easy Gripper installed on a truck crane, forklift, telehandler or front loader, mobile and on-site tyre service can be done in any environment and at the same time improving both efficiency and safety!


Mounting, demounting, moving, tilting and stacking of OTR, EM and AGRO tyres up to 8 ton – depending on the configuration, have been made a whole lot easier and safer with the Easy Gripper product range from Just Easy Tools.

Easy Stacker

The Easy Stacker product range takes over most manual processes of lifting and moving tyres – reducing strain and risks for the operator significantly. Stacking, loading, unloading, internal logistic and effective use of storing facilities made easy.


Easy Gripper 1700

Easy Gripper 2160 Compact

Easy Gripper 2800-3.2T

Easy Gripper 3700-8T

Easy Gripper 2160

Easy Gripper 2400-2T Compact

Easy Gripper 3100-4T

Easy Gripper Crane

Easy Gripper Crane Module

Easy Gripper Workshop 2T

Mobile OTR tyre service at Mining Site

Forks on-off using Quick Shift Module

Easy Stacker 800

Easy Stacker 1600

Easy Gripper Workshop

On-site OTR tyre service at Container Terminal

Tyre handling at Peers Motors

30° tilt module

Easy Stacker 1200

Quick shift between Stacker and Fork Module

Easy Truck Trolley

Easy Gripper Catalogues

Easy Gripper

(pdf 5.2 MB)

Easy Gripper

(pdf 6.1 MB)

Easy Gripper

(pdf 3.7 MB)

Easy Gripper
1700 Turnkey

(pdf 5.2 MB)

Easy Gripper

2400-2T Compact 

(pdf 6.4 MB)

Easy Gripper

(pdf 4.7 MB)

Easy Gripper

(pdf 5.5 MB)

Easy Gripper

(pdf 4.2 MB)

Easy Gripper

Crane Module B
(pdf 6.1 MB)

Easy Gripper
(pdf 5.3 MB)

Easy Gripper

(pdf 6.2 MB)

Easy Gripper

Crane Module C

(pdf 4.9 MB)

Easy Gripper Workshop Catalogues

Easy Gripper

(pdf 4.1 MB)

Easy Gripper

Workshop 2T
(pdf 11.2 MB)

Easy Stacker Catalogues

Easy Stacker

(pdf 5.0 MB)

Easy Stacker

(pdf 3.5 MB)

Easy Stacker

(pdf 4.6 MB)

Easy Truck Trolley Catalogue

Easy Truck

(pdf 4.5 MB)

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