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Chemicals & Compounds


EPIC OTR Solutions in conjunction with ALL PRO offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals to satisfy the Mining,  Industrial, Commercial, Civil, Automotive and Hospitality Industries


Just click on the buttons below to learn more about our range.

Carpet Care - Image Card.jpg
Air Fresheners - Image Card.jpg
Heavy Duty Disinfectants - Image
Heavy Duty Cleaners - Image Card.jpg
General Disinfectants, Odour Masking Con
Hard Floor Maintenance - Image Card.jpg
laundry products - Image Card.jpg
Gel Hand Cleaners - Image Card.jpg
FurnitureMetal Polish & CremeGlass Clean
Bar & Cellar Chemicals - Image Card.jpg
Marine Products - Image Card.jpg
Liquid Soaps - Image Card.jpg
Kitchen Chemicals - Image Card.jpg
Multi Purpose Cleaners - Image Card.jpg
Solvent Degreasers - Decarbonisers - Pai
Specialised Metal Treatment - Image Card
Tyres and Rims - Image Card.jpg
Transport - Image Card.jpg
Parts Washing Solvents - Image Card.jpg

Looking for an EPIC solution to your chemical needs?

EPIC OTR Solutions is committed to providing you with great products and even better service. 

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